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Where does the name come from?

How Philippine got its name.

An old saying goes that every child has to have a name. The authorities say that every company must have a name.
What we take for granted today was completely different in 1948. At that time, new foundations were subject to the approval of the military authorities and they would not have approved the plan of our founders. So another way had to be found.

An existing, unused company shell with a name was needed. The solution: There had been a mining company since 1873 that owned mining rights in the Eifel but no longer ran its business: the Philippine union.

On April 18, 1948, Felix Eckhardt acquired the old company shell according to the notarial protocol and the official establishment took place on July 1 of the same year. The Philippine (new) union was born.

While finding the company name - as described - had to take one or two detours, the change from a union to a Philippine plastics plant was a completely different decision.

While in the Ruhrgebiet the company name in the corporate form of a trade union was something familiar to the mining industry, people in the Rhineland, where the young company moved to in the early 1950s, associated the word trade union with the “social organization”. As a result, the Philippine Union was listed in the local telephone directory after “Employees 'Union,” “Railway Workers' Union,” and others. In order to avoid irritation with our customers and since it was not disadvantageous for tax purposes, the term union was simply replaced by a plastics factory.

Even though there is now a Philippine insulation material and a Philippine technical plastics, the parent company still bears the name Kunststoffwerk Philippine to this day.







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